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Paleokastritsa Corfu
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Breathtaking Paleokastritsa

The most enchanting place on Corfu Island is without a doubt Paleokastritsa.

The landscape is so beautiful that this was first place on Corfu to be touristically developed.

Its name is taken from the ruined 13 th century Venetian Castrizza san Angelo .”

A British high commissioner, Sir Frederic Adam loved Plaeokastritsa so much that he popularized it in the 19 th century.

Mythology has it that Paleokastritsa is a possible site of the Homeric city of Scheria , where Odysseys was washed ashore and was discovered by Nausica and her handmaidens and welcomed by her father king Alkinos.

Paleokastritsa has many breath taking views that you can choose from. One must see view is from Angelokastro. It's marvelous castle that was built by Michael Angelo in the 13 th century, Despot of Epirus, this castle provided shelter and protection to the local population from slaughter during the Turkish invasion in 1537.

There's a narrow land bridge which is the only access to the castle from land. If you take a vehicle and drive to the top it will be a view that will be embedded in your mind forever.

Another aesthetic view is located on the north headland of the area on top of a cliff where you will find a Monastery. There, you will see a peaceful sunset overlooking the Ionian sea . The Monastery is believed to have been established in the 13 th century though the current buildings date from the 18 th century.

In the Monastery you will find a small museum with Byzantine and Post Byzantine icons, the most notably icon is the beautiful Dormition of the Virgin Mary , jewel –encrusted, silver bound bibles and other religious items of the Greek Orthdox ritual. You will also find a prehistoric skeleton of the so called “sea monster” with a very large vertebrae and tusks. It is said that it was killed by fisherman in the last century.

The real beauty on the Monastery are the complex courtyards, archways ( decorated with beautiful flowers) , monks, cells, oil presses and the store rooms.

When coming to Corfu , Paleokastritsa should be a must on your itinerary. A natural interweavement of history, romantic sunsets, lush vegetation and the beautiful beaches is just a treat for everyone. You can take one of the small boats for a scheduled cruise around the sea cliffs and caverns and you will feel as if you were in paradise. Another choice is, to rent a canoe or paddle boat and just have a slow sail around.

Paleokastritsa, is considered one of the best spots in Corfu and the rest of Greece , for snorkeling and scuba diving.

Come once and I guarantee you‘ll come back a second and third time!!!!

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