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Ionian Islands
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Ionian Islands

The Ionian Islands are a group of Islands in Greece. They are mostly know as (Seven Islands) in modern Greek , Eptanisa. Besides the seven principal ones the group includes many smaller Islands. The seven Islands are from North to south.

Kerkyra- usually known as Corfu, in English
Paxi- aqlso known as Paxos, in English
Lefkada- also known as Lefkas in English
Ithaki-  usually known as Ithaca in English
Kefallonia – often known as Kefalonia, Cephalonia, Kefallonia in English
Zakynthos- sometimes known as Zante in English
Kythira – sometimes known as Cerigo in English.

Kythira – the 7th Island and as paradox stands on the south east coast of Peloponnesus in the Aegean Sea.

The Ionian Islands offer a mystical natural beauty. With more rain than most other parts of Greece, the Islands have a mild climate with lush vegetation. Another great factor that these Islands have is less severe winds which make it ideal for a yacht charter holiday for kids, or a less experienced crew. Charter bases can be found in Preveza, Corfu, and Lefkas. A brief history of the islands follows.

Evidence of settlements on the Islands date back to the Mycenaean times, the first inhabitants who appeared came from Peloponnesus.

In Homer’s epic we find indications regarding their first years of history. In the 8th century Greeks came to the Ionian from Euboia ( Evia) and Peloponnesus.

Lefkada, began thriving during the archaic period of ( 700 -478)

Kefalonia-, blossomed in the classical period ( 478 – 323) at this time Corfu was emerging as a  great naval power. In the middle of the Byzantine Empire, the Ionian Islands took part in combating pirates and increasing the commerce trade between East and West.

In the 14th century the Ionian Islands were under the Venetian rule which lasted for 300 years. By the end of the 18th century as with the Venetian break down, the islands successively passed under the French control then to the Russo- Turkish alliance, the British protection, which didn’t last very long. On the   21st of May in 1864 the British flag came down and the Greek flag was raised in Corfu Castle. The Ionian Islands were officially united with Modern Greece.

Today the seven islands are cosmopolitan and are flooded with tourists every year. Thanks to the picturesque beauty of nature, the azure beaches and the genuine hospitality of the locals. From Corfu till Zante, the Ionian Islands have kept their traditional colors and their character. These Islands are the geneses of arts and literature. If you visit these islands and you hear songs and serenades, you should consider yourself very lucky because you don’t hear such musical quality everydayand it will be a moment you will want to cherish.


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