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Bare Boats
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Bare Boats

“Bare – boat charter” means a ship charter agreement between the owner and the charterer . In this agreement, the charterer has complete possession and control of the ship, including the right to appoint its master and crew . They are motorized or sail boats and are defined as being at least 6 meters long.

When bare boats charters began “ bare boats” simply meant “ no extras “ in other words “ a boat not dressed” Today's bare boats have any extra you can think of , microwave ovens, TV's , VCR's , DVD's, air conditioning, icemakers etc. And, if you like to be pampered you may hire a cook, captain or both and then these extras change the name of bare boat to “captain only” or “crewed yacht”.

Bare Boat charters began in the mid 1990's and has risen quite a bit in the last decade And it has been rising ever since. There's an increasing demand for yacht vacations. A lot of people find it much cheaper and easier to rent their own yacht rather than buy their own yacht. Bare boats are usually hired by people who want to break away from it all and want to try something new and adventurous.

Bare boat charters are very flexible they can be hired by the experienced and the non experienced.

Bare Boat with crew OR Crewed Yacht ?

Each item on a bare boat is priced individually. For example, a cook or provisioning may be left out of the package to better suit you holiday budget. Crewed charters are sold as package deals with all costs included and in some cases alcohol and water toy rentals are considered extras.

On a bare boat (even if you hire a cook) you may still eat ashore as often as you'd like. They are several provisioning packages available or you may want to do you r own grocery shopping. Crewed yachts supply all meals and found costs are included in the charter fee.

Crewed charters are often owner operated or full time crew employed. If you wish to have a crew on a bare boat yacht, we are able to accommodate you, but they are hired by you especially for your holidays and our company assists you only with crew professionals.

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